Drive Control over Modbus

Drive Control over Modbus protocol


Sport Equipment Industry


  • Automation of the Modbus system integrated with KEB inverters
  • Advanced temperature control (3 channels) over Modbus Serial
  • Winding and unwinding of rolls
  • Daily production management over Ethernet
  • Cost effective system


  • Control system - XLe OCS (model XT220C014)
  • Communication - Serial connection with KEB drives via serial protocol from Horner
  • Temperature sensors - SmartMod THM100 (4 channel thermocouple module, 16bit resolution)
  • Digital Inputs (24) and Digital Outputs (12) for handling automation process
  • Production management - Ethernet option kit (HE-XEC) that enables OPC/Scada server connectivity, Remote Viewing from Envision RV and debugging from Cscape software