Bread Cutting machine

Bread Cutting Machine


Food Industry

Horner operated machine

As we know Horner OCS units are capable of controlling all kinds off equipment, including machines, both small and heavy.

In this case, the bread cutting machine is being completely built and installed by our distributor and system integrator. The control and visualization made 100% by Horner OCS.

Working modes

The machine consists of two main elements: control cabinet and the rotating knife.

The control can be performed in several ways:

  • by editing all the parameters directly on the screen
  • by loading one of the stored recipes
  • by adjusting the position of the knife manually (even during the working cycle)
  • there is also a diagnostic mode (password protected)

Here's the video sample:

The application has also implemented a series of alarms, depending on hardware failures or the state of the sensors. Some of these alarms are critical and system operation is completely stopped until the cause of the alarm is eliminated.


  • Good quality colour Touch Screen
  • Controller and HMI in one package
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Affordable price


Here is the video Sample: