Horner Application / Case Study

Aviation - Redundant Aircraft system monitor and controller

Manufacturing - Logic Control System

Water / Wastewater - Groundwater Remediation System

Small-Scale Water Power Stations

Water Treatment Plant

Safety Efficiency messaging System

Automation Of Steamed Boilers

Production Of Hydrogen

Bread Cutting Machine

Air Heating Control

Solar Panel Control

Textile Dye Machine Control

Pump station Control system

Drive Control over Modbus Protocol

Centrifugue Control System Application

Water Distribution System

Combustion Boiler Control

Proper analysis of the exhaust gases and then control of the burning cycle can bring not only cost savings but also safety and environment friendly results.

Bakery Application

More and more bakeries nowadays are being improved with automation solutions. Let's take a look at the bakery application with multiple OCS units installed.

Water Treatment Application

Here, we are going to look at the case of a double-pump station, which is being constantly polled for data from the centralized SCADA system.

Energy Monitoring/Saving Application

To monitored, analyze and then efficiently control. Horner APG has not one, but three solutions for you.

Farming Application

This case is dedicated to a large quantity farmer whose concern is to make his feeding system following a specified feeding profile.