Vehicle Detection

Vehicle Detection

The ability to reliably detect vehicles offers significant advantages for asset management, resource allocation, site safety and traffic control. Application needs and deployment requirements can be diverse, ranging from indoor, outdoor and partially protected deployments to in-ground, above-ground, and on-the-vehicle installations.

Vehicle detection solutions from Banner Engineering utilize a range of sensing technologies to overcome these challenges and can be used with our wireless products to simplify deployments in large areas or where wired infrastructure is not practical or cost-effective. Our vehicle detection solutions are ideal for port machinery, traffic and parking, and mobile equipment industries.

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Get the latest on vehicle detection from our experts. Learn more about specific technologies, their advantages, and common challenges.

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The ability to reliably detect vehicles offers significant advantages for asset management, resource allocation, site safety and traffic control.

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Whitepaper: How to Choose a Technology

Learn the differences between 5 vehicle detection technologies and how to choose the right solution for your application.

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Shopping Center Directs Vehicles to Available Parking [Success Story]

    • High demand for parking spots create congestion and aggravation among customers
    • Wireless monitoring of parking spots
    • Competitive cost for large solution deployment
    • Very long battery life

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Measuring Turnout Time During Emergencies [Success Story]

    • Observe vehicles for reliable availability information
    • Differentiate between vehicles and people
    • Dispatchers monitor turnout time of fire trucks

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Vehicle Detection and Indication at Outdoor Docking Station

    • Detecting and signalling a truck's arrival at outdoor loading docks
    • Exposed to various weather conditions
    • Wireless communication

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Monitoring Arrival and Departure of Trucks at a Loading Dock

    • Outdoor truck detection at a loading dock
    • Harsh weather environment and ambient light
    • Extended sensing range

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Drive Thru Vehicle Detection and Monitoring Business Patterns

    • Count vehicles and track business patterns
    • Outdoor environment can create extreme weather conditions and ambient light
    • Rugged housing
    • Radar detection is immune to ambient light

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Electric Vehicle Detection at Charging Stations

    • Outdoor electric car charging stations
    • Identify correct cars are parked at charging stations
    • Alert officers if a vehicle needs to be removed

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Monitoring Traffic and Collision Avoidance of Ships at a Harbor

    • Track ships and control traffic
    • Collision avoidance and alert operators of arrivals and departures
    • Very long range in an outdoor setting

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Low-Power Consumption Vehicle Detection in an Automated Car Wash

    • Remain in low-power standby mode until vehicle is detected
    • Outdoor environment
    • Enclosed node with internal battery

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