Machine Monitoring and Indication Solutions

Machine Monitoring and Indication Solutions

Wireless monitoring and indication products from Banner Engineering can increase productivity, reduce downtime, and provide data to optimize your operation. Banner’s wireless products eliminate expensive cable runs, are easy to install and set up, and can integrate machines that were not previously network capable.

Machine Status Indication in Automated Clinical Laboratories

    • Alert clinicians of machine status
    • Bright, multicolor illumination
    • Washdown rated indicators

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Machine Monitoring/Overall Equipment Effectiveness

• Expand available data beyond local indication

• Gather information necessary to react quickly

• Drive efficiency improvements based on data previously unavailable

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Call for Parts, Service, or Pallet Pickup

• Increase efficiency using a wireless call-for-parts/service/pickup system

• Connect up to 18 work stations with six forklifts/Hi-Los

• Resolve critical issues quickly without disrupting workflow

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Equipment Monitoring from a Supervisor's Station

• Provide at-a-glance machine status indication

• Send machine status information to a wide range of devices

• Alert staff and supervisors of critical conditions via text message or email

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Restocking Assembly Stations for a Continuous Workflow

• Restock assembly stations before components run out without overstocking

• Provide real-time communication between assemblers and the forklift operators who supply them

• Monitor delivery efficiency

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Call for Pickup from an Assembly Station to an AGV

• Remove completed pallets from assembly stations quickly

• Enable direct communication from assembly stations to AGVs

• Improve process efficiency using turnaround time data to

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Warning Indication where Obstructions Limit Visibility

• Provide high-visibility warning indication

• Minimize risk to staff in high-traffic forklift area

• Facilitate the flow of traffic through an area with visual obstructions

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Remote Monitoring to Optimize Overall Equipment Effectiveness

• Provide instant visual communication across a busy plant floor

• Collect machine status and other data to calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

• Alert staff to critical conditions via text message or email

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Environmental Monitoring inside a Machine Control Panel

• Identify small problems before they become major issues that impact machine performance and uptime

• Access environmental data from a remote location

• Notify operators of critical conditions via text message or email

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Condition Monitoring for Predictive and Preventative Maintenance

• Identify machine problems before they cause serious damage or unplanned downtime

• Alert staff of changes in condition via text message or email

• Provide at-a-glance local indication of machine status

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  1. Wireless Pick-to-Light System for Mobile Assembly Stations
  2. • Minimize production errors by providing clear guidance for assembly
  3. • Reconfigure and move assembly stations without rewiring
  4. • Improve production efficiency and better utilize facility space
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Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness by Monitoring Production Input and Output

• Monitor multiple deployments can be monitored at once from a convenient

• Collect data from new or existing equipment in remote and hard-to-access locations

• Alert staff when performance parameters are outside of user-defined levels

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Status Indication on Driverless Vehicles [Success Story]

    • Self-driving shuttle buses that operate on short, outdoor commutes
    • Exposed to a variety of weather and temperatures
    • K50L domed indicator lights are rated IP69K and IP67 to resist water ingress and high-pressure washdowns
    • Lights installed atop buses alert people of the collision avoidance system status

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Multicolor Indicators and Illuminated Touch Buttons Simplify Machine Panels

S22 Pro Series touch buttons and indicators simplify control panel design and improve operator experience and performance. Pro Editor software expands the built-in display capabilities available with the S22 Pro Series, enabling custom displays.

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